To help build my photography client closet I've decided to run a special this month called Sesh For A Dress.

So here's the deal

Trade 1 dress for 1 free photography session.

There are some rules and I will tell them to you now.

Not all dresses are equal. Obviously a jersey knit dress from Walmart isn't the same as a dress from a custom dress shop or an online store like baltic born.

I'm hoping to fill my client closet with gorgeous gowns and dresses that make my clients feel beautiful and gets them excited for their photography session.

I would be happy with any size, maternity, non-maternity. Bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses, baby shower dresses, bridal shower dresses. Really any dress that might be considered elegant or fairytale like or boho. Fancy Robes are an option as well and skirts (tulle, satin, chiffon)

I'm looking for any colour but I am feeling the whites, pinks, lilacs, lavenders and creams lately. I also like blues and greens- so pretty much any colour! Ha ha ha!

Also I will most definitely accept previously loved dresses. I am a huge supporter of being eco friendly and I know there is plenty of value in clothing that has been worn before.

If you don'y have a dress a few places you can look for one are:

I did a blog post on eco friendly dress options. You can check it out here:

Beauty &

You can also check out my maternity what to wear guide here:

Maternity What To Wear

With that being said I'm not apposed to new dresses. I figure although they may not be the most eco friendly option they will go into my client closet to be worn over and over again.

Plus being a creative means I can alter and fix a dress and use it's pieces to create something new if need be. So it will be recycled and reused when it's no longer fit to be worn. (did you catch my pun there?lol)

So to recap:

1 Dress = 1 Photography Session

Dress =/> $100

Previously Loved Dresses are Good

New Dresses are Good

Will Accept Fancy Robes or Skirts

Places to Find Dresses ^scroll back up^

Eco Friendly Options^

Dress Ideas^

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