So many photographers want to tell you that boudoir is for everyone, But I will not and it is not.

Cue the angry comments of my fellow boudoir photographers. But I stand by my belief that boudoir is not for everyone.

Can having a boudoir photography session be an empowering, self love and self-esteem boosting experience?

It sure can. 100%.

But not 100% of the time.

It is not a miracle cure for all of your insecurities and if your dislike for your body is strong, I'm sad to say that boudoir will probably not help you.

Now I'm sure you're wondering

"why would a photographer that offers boudoir be deterring people from having a boudoir session?"

And honestly as I'm writing this, I'm questioning if this is a smart idea for my business. But my business is a big part of why I'm writing this. I want to provide the highest quality in client experience that I can. My hope is not to deter clients but to help them decide when the best time to have a boudoir session is, so that they will have the best possible experience.

I'm not saying to wait until you loose weight, get fit or have work done to do a boudoir session. Any and all women are beautiful in their own unique and special way. The only thing that you need to fix is your thoughts!

You need to accept your body for whatever stage or shape it's in. Learn to love yourself no matter your weight, shape or size. Because guess what? You are beautiful!

As a boudoir photographer I've had all shapes and sizes in my studio and I can honestly say without hesitation that it truly doesn't matter what you look like, if you love yourself and accept your body you will love your boudoir experience!

I have had women in that have learned to embrace themselves and their bodies and they have rocked their boudoir shoots and left feeling boosted and beautiful. But on the other hand, I have had clients that are just not there yet in terms of excepting and loving themselves and although the images I captured are beautiful and sexy, they only see their flaws and ultimately are unhappy with their experience.

This breaks my heart!!!

I truly do believe that every women is beautiful and it hurts that they just can't see it!

So this is a letter to any women that are considering having a boudoir session done, check your head, before you pose on that bed!

Seriously though, no photographer, or any person is going to make you love your body.


There's absolutely no shame in reaching out for help. Talk to your friends, family member, or a therapist. Listen to uplifting body positive podcasts or audio books.

Find time for self care, you need to take care of yourself.

Take a walk, have a bath, get your nails or hair done, have a girls night, hang out with a friend, and find an exercise routine that is fun and something you WANT to stick to.

And be KIND to yourself, Dammit!

Banish those little voices and thoughts that say negative things about yourself. They are not helpful in any way!

Obviously this is something I feel very passionate about, and I have and do still struggle with occasionally, so you are not alone. But I have learnt to accept the things I can not change (like that baby belly, it's not going anywhere) and do what I can to feel good in my body. (for me its exercising-mostly dance and boxing inspired workouts- because their fun! Popsugar Fitness on YouTube is fantastic and FREE!)

But I digress,

I can not in good conscience advise others that boudoir is for everyone and that it will 100% boost your self-confidence, because the truth is, it isn't and it won't!

But if you're on the path to accepting and loving yourself and your body, or maybe you're already there (Bravo!) then Boudoir can be an amazingly uplifting experience, not to mention fun!

So when you're ready, come and book an amazing boudoir photography experience with me! I can't wait!