All The Beautiful Things...

In building my business I am finding the need to create what to wear guides for my clients to help them feel comfortable and prepared for their photography sessions. So I began working on a what to wear guide for maternity. I started by researching some different styles of what to wear guides and came across one that has images of outfits with links for where to buy them. (mainly amazon)

I really liked the look and functionality of this style of a what to wear guide and set to work on mine. There I am merrily working on my beautiful collection of dresses from Amazon when WHAM! my inner eco conscious whacked me over the head!

I have always cared deeply for the environment. Now I am no eco goddess. I give into the less than eco options for the ease of convince and sometimes for my sanity. But I do try to keep the earth and human rights in mind with most of my day to day life choices.

I honestly don't know how I managed to get so far in making my guide before my brain switched on and held up the giant STOP sign. I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with some of the really gorgeous options amazon has that blinded me to the fact that these frocks were fast fashion and no good for the environment and most likely not ethical in their production either.

So what's a lover of the earth, human rights and beautiful gowns to do?

While I love that there are brands out there doing their part for the environment and creating good working environments for their manufacturers I just can't spend upwards of $500 for 1 dress. Maybe this will be in my budget one day but defiantly not today. And I'm guessing that most of my clients don't have the extra cash to spend on these dresses either.

Then I had that moment,

Thrifting! Aww my good old buddy. Thrifting is one of my favourite past times. I love the thrill of it , to me it's like treasure hunting. And the fact that it's better for our world is just the cherry on top!

Places like Talize have really upped the thrifting standard. I have yet to go into this store and not see it neatly organized by type of garment, size and colour. Seriously looks like a giant rainbow in there!

If you're creative and want a bit of a challenge there's always the option to by a dress that's not so perfect and alter it and or buy fabric to add to it or create something new. (I look for fabrics mostly through market place, linens and decor from weddings comes in real handy for this)

If you prefer to shop from home there's websites like Poshmark and Threadup (the latter is an American company but they now have shipping to Canada)

Marketplace (on Facebook) is a really good option to browse from home. It's more likely that you will have to go and pick it up but the ease of searching from home and cutting out shipping makes for a very satisfying thrifting experience.

There is also always the option of renting an outfit as well. There are places on line to choose from such as Sugar Bump Gown Rentals and Beyond The Runway.

I realize the convince of Amazon is a hard one to pass up. But my inner voice has spoken so I will be going back to my drawing board for a new what to wear guide that includes tips and tricks for keeping your choices on the green side.

My main goal is to continue to build my client closet so that my clients don't have to worry about searching and buying that special dress to only wear once or twice. #Goals



p.s. Stay tuned for my upcoming what to wear guide and a special offer coming soon!!