Quality over Quantity

I have recently changed my prices and with that I have also made the images you receive 30 across all genres.

Some of you might ask why only 30? why not all of the images taken at your photography session?

For 2 very simple reasons,

  1. 30 is enough to have the memory without being overwhelmed
  2. it would take way more time, therefor I would have to charge a lot more!

Let me elaborate a little on these 2 points.

First, I am a true believer that you can have too much of something. If I were to give you every image I take you would end up with dozens of images that look almost the same, with such a small difference you may not even see it. I take the time to narrow down your gallery so that you are getting the very best angle, expression and emotion. And because I do this for a living I can narrow in on the things that make a great image and one you're sure to love.

Honestly if you had every image, what are you going to do with them all? they're not all making it up on the wall and they won't all fit in an album. They will sit on your phone or computer, you will pick out your favourites and use those things for wall art or albums and the rest will be forgotten.

In a time that we are trying to appreciate the finer less through away items why not have 30 images that you love and cherish as opposed to 100 that you feel meh about.

More does not always equal better.

Number 2 : More images = higher price

I take a lot of pride and passion in editing each individual image. Because of this depending on the genre it can take me up to 20 minutes to edit 1 image.

Now not every image is going to take me this long some will take me 5-10 minutes. The average image from start to finish takes me roughly 10 minutes. That means that for 30 images it will take me an average of 300 minutes or 5 hours straight. so in order for me to edit to my standards it would take me 16.7 hours to edit 100 images. So over 2 standard work days. This doesn't include the culling (narrowing down the images from 200 to 100) and the proof editing (minor edits like cropping and white balance/ lighting).

So in order for me to make enough to pay for the extra time I would have to charge more than double what I charge now. It would also take much more time for me to get the images delivered to you and to be honest I wouldn't love my job and put so much of my heart into the editing process if I was chained to my desk editing to the wee hours.

So much of photography has nothing to do with taking pictures or even editing. As an entrepreneur a lot of my time is spent doing things like marketing, social media, website management, client Corrispondance (emails, guides, booking, contracts etc.), cleaning my studio, content creation, session prep, banking, equipment management, building up my business and oh some more social media marketing!

But I digress, to be frank I do not have the time to edit 100 images with the care and attention to detail I value greatly.

P.s. I'm still a full time Mom and I want to be here for my family when they need me and when I need them.



Love & Lave Photography