There are so many ways to start planning your families portrait outfits. I have listed a few ideas to help get you started.

# 1 Start With a Colour Pallet

Choosing the colours for your wardrobe will make choosing pieces that much easier. When choosing colours be sure that they would compliment your home and personal style. Keep in mind that ultimately these portatraits will hang on your walls so think of that when creating your families outfit pallet. Bellow are some sample pallet ideas. Feel free to use these or to do your own search on google or Pinterest. You can include a colour in your search you know you would like to use (example search colour pallet with navy blue).

#2 Start With A Dress or Outfit You Want To Wear

This is a great place to start. Often Mom's dress our outfit will be the toughest to decide on so I suggest that you choose something that you really love and feel comfortable in. (bonus if if something you already own or can wear again)

#3 (#2.5) Start With A Outfit For Someone Else

This can be a good way to build a family wardrobe colour pallet. For example, let's say that you have the cutest cream coloured dress picked out for your daughter and it has light blue and green flowers, then you can build everyone else's outfits by pulling a colour from the dress for each person. This would work for a boys or mans shirt and even with your dress if it has a nice pattern.

#4 Your Home Decor

Often we tend to decorate our homes with colours and textures that make us feel happy and gives a sense of personality to a space. Why not draw from what you have chosen to surround yourself in at home. For example maybe your family loves the beach and have incorporated blues, whites and creams into your decor. Why not use those colours as a starting point for your family's outfits? Not only will this ensure that you are wearing colours and textures that you love but then your portraits will fit in with your decor seamlessly.

#5 Scroll Down For Some Ideas & Links

I have compiled some idea style boards for family outfits to give you some more inspiration. These are not affiliate links, just links to outfits that I found from places I like to shop. You can click the outfit pieces under the "Get This Look:" below each style board. Or you can browse the stores I found these items in.


Old Navy




I found the boys suspenders on amazon.

Get This look:

get this look:

get this look:

get this look:

get this look:

Get this look:

Bonus Tips:

  • Stay away from busy patterns
  • No BIG logos, No logos is even better (but a small logo is fine)
  • Bring or wear a nude bra and panties if planning on using client closet items
  • Try not to be too matchy matchy with everyones outfits (example everyone wearing the same colour shirt and pants). Instead choose a few colours that can repeat in different ways. There are some exceptions to this rule, if you want a sort of monochromatic look like everyone in black or white, there's ways to make that look nice. We can discuss this further once you have booked a session with me.
  • If you're unsure what you want your session to look like search Pinterest or Google for maternity photoshoot outfits or ideas to get a better idea of what you like.
  • Wrinkly clothes will show up in images. I will do my best to edit it out but keep it in mind before hand.
  • Be sure to try on any outfits you are considering and be sure they all fit everyone and are in good condition.
  • Stay away from bright colours, they tend to draw the eye away from the people wearing them in portraits.
  • Make sure that anything you don't want in a photo isn't showing ;)
  • Think about undergarment colours for everyone. Be sure that they don't show through any clothing. (bright underwear under white won't look so good!)
  • You know best what you feel beautiful in and how you want your images to look so trust your style and let's get started planning your family's next photoshoot!

Let's Get Planning!!