Loving Your Body & Quitting the Comparison Game 

There something that happens at almost every boudoir session I shoot, and I bet you could guess what it is within three tries. Many of my clients — no matter how beautiful each and every single one of them is — says something negative about themselves at some point in the process. Even though I understand why it happens (hello marketing and social media), it bums me out every single time. 

I am no stranger to the comparison game myself. In my adolescence and young adulthood I fell victim to the idea that women should look a certain way. I would feel so bad about my body because it wasn't what I saw in ads for my favourite clothing stores or in the shows that I watched. I would eat a treat and immediately feel bad for eating it. It affected my mood, my health and my relationships. Finally I learned that what the media shows is maybe what 1% of the population looks like and that I was my own unique kind of beautiful.

So today, I’m challenging you to stop the body comparison game, and to do your best to be kind to yourself. Your body is incredible, you are stunning, and there’s not a single person out there like you so what’s the point of comparing in the first place? Starting today, take five minutes every day to write down one thing something positive about your physical self, and one thing positive about your non-physical self. It takes work to build ourselves up and to stop the comparison game, but it can be done and it can be transformative! 

I know with your busy life you can just say "I'll do it later" or "I don't have time for that" but I'm imploring you to make the time. With all that has gone on in the last couple years I have learnt that you need to take time for self care and self love. So many people came out of the pandemic with a variety of mental health concerns. Hello anxiety! and it can be hard to feel like yourself again, but taking the time to reconnect and love yourself just the way you are will benefit you tremendously!

So go grab a pen and something to write on or even just say it in your head,

Something positive about my physical body is... Something positive about my non-physical body is...