To all the Mama’s out there that saw this meme and immediately felt guilty, I feel you!

This meme was, I'm sure, meant to be something to remind you to embrace the summers with your children and make you feel less guilty about taking time out from your other obligations to spend time with your kids. 

But unfortunately this is not the result for most. Instead we are all left feeling like we’re doing something wrong by not being home everyday, or for being busy with other home and work obligations instead of partaking in every summer activity known to exist with our children. 

In my opinion a few quality activities with your children are better than 100 forced activities. Do things that both you and your children will enjoy.

Just because you have kids and became a Mother does not mean that your life as an individual person ended. You have needs and wants that deserve to be met as well.

Sharing something you love with your children is a mutually great way to spend quality time with your kids. And these activities don’t have to be limited to summer or even their 18 years as children.

My husband still loves golfing with his dad, I still love going anywhere with my mom. Childhood might technically end at 18 but being a Mother is forever and spending quality time with your children should go on for as long as you’re living. Added bonus for those of us lucky enough to be blessed with grandchildren. 

So I say, STOP THE GUILT! You’re a great mom! Having time to live your own life is not a crime. Enjoy motherhood and just focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! 

Quality time could be as easy as family movie night or taking a walk with you kids. Take the pressure off and enjoy motherhood. 

So though summer is almost over, relax, you have the whole year to spend time together and far more than 18 years to enjoy eachothers company.