A note on the above photo, This is Addie and she was not forced to stay for this picture. Despite the scared look on her face. lol!

Hello I'm Sarah

I figured I should start off my blog by introducing myself and Love & Lace Photography.

Well as I said My name is Sarah, I'm 35 and I live in a small town in Eastern Ontario. I live with my husband, Brian, our 2 kids Luke and Belle, our 2 dogs, Addie and Lily, our 2 guinea pigs (that were supposed to be the kids responsibility, HA!) and most recently my mom, Kathy, her two dogs Hannah and Hank and my Uncle's dog Sherri.

So needless to say we have a pretty full house! But I absolutely love it! I was one of those kids who grew up watching the original full house and dreaming of having so many people living in our house, that way there'd always be someone around to talk to.. Now I am blessed with that and like I said I love it.

I am an introvert and prefer to spend my free time at home with my family. Though I do occasionally enjoy a night out with my husband and or with friends. I'm just not big on the whole crowds thing. Unless it's a concert. I love going to Concerts!

Being an introvert has led me on the path of wanting to own my own home based business. I have always been very creative and I love diy's and crafting. So I knew that what ever career I chose would have to include a way of being creative. Creativity is my oxygen, I need it.

To say I have tried everything would be an exaggeration but it's not too far off. In high school I was adamant that I was going to work with animals. So off to college I went to become a veterinarian technologist, Ya that lasted all of a semester. Biology is not my thing. Then I decided that I wanted to do something more creative, as a kid I enjoyed drawing outfits and I had some skills at sewing. So "fashion design school here I come!" This one lasted a whole year before I decided I did not have the patience for the perfection needed for pattern drafting and sewing. While deciding what to do next I began working for a florist. Which was interesting. Then My husband and I got engaged and bought a house and moved away from that job.

So now what? Well I had been watching those wedding planning shows as brides tend to do at the time and thought, "hey that sounds like a fun job!" So I joined a wedding planner accredited course and helped out with one wedding (well 2 if you count my own wedding). This is where the introvert came out in me and said no way do I want to stick around for the wedding making small talk with a bunch of strangers! NO THANK YOU!

I then had a brief dabble into the word of home staging. Started a business, it was slow going. Then I got pregnant with our first child (after trying for over a year). Another move and another venture crossed off my list.

Fast forward some years later. I had decided that being a stay at home mom was what I wanted to do. But eventually I got bored and wanted something just for me. I thought "hey working for the florist didn't suck, let's look into that." So I found a recreational class for flower arranging. I did that a few times and got to know the instructor and she kept telling me that I should apply to the flower shop she worked at. I wasn't ready at the time to join the working world as I was pregnant with my second child. Fast forward a couple years later and I decided to take an actual floral course at a local college. I passed the first "year" with strong encouragement to keep continuing but then the course got cancelled! I applied to a bunch of floral shops but my heart wasn't really into leaving my family. So I stayed in my position as stay at home mom.

Another move. A camera. A bunch of courses. Practice. Practice. Mentor. Practice. More Courses. Alright I'm ready to start my photography business!! PANDEMIC! Well that put a hold on my plans pretty quickly. But I kept up my pursuit of photography and business knowledge and kept working on building my business.

Which brings me to now.

I finally started doing photo shoots this summer (2022). And I absolutely fell in love with it! And let me just state that photography is the one thing I have stuck to for years and I have no doubt in my mind that this is the place for me. I get to be here for my family when they need me, I get to be creative and I get to help others feel great about themselves! I LOVE IT!

Love & Lace Photography was born.

This post has gotten pretty long so I will stop here. Next Up Empowerment Photography, what it is, why I love it and why you will too!