Creative Gold

So I've been working on building up my maternity portfolio and I'm currently trying to find my artistic voice. I put out a model call and I was absolutely thrilled when Erin (expectant Mama) contacted me to take part and she sent me some inspiration that really spoke to her. These were not your typically maternity images. They were very much more fine art with flowers and gold.

I was so pumped to put my own spin on her ideas and create something different and beautiful! After meeting Erin and chatting with her while we worked together I drew some inspiration from her personality as not only a very kind individual but also I got the sense that she was a very strong women not to be reckoned with, a warrior! The results are gorgeous, they embody her feminine strength so well.

I feel so inspired to keep creating beautiful works of art that are a little more out of the box like these gorgeous images.

Thanks to Erin for helping me to build my portfolio and for bringing me such wonderful inspiration!