What is Empowerment Photography?

Empowerment photography isn't actually a genre of photography, YET. But I'm confident that this name given to a genre all about lifting people up and boosting their self esteem and confidence will catch on.

Originally when I began to write this post I was really just focusing on the positive benefits of boudoir but in really delving deeper into the idea of empowerment I began to realize that it is NOT just boudoir photography. It can encompass many different genres like glamour, fashion, fantasy and portrait photography. The main goal is to show people that it's okay to be who you are right now.

If you feel like you need to reconnect with your sensual side or that you need to remind yourself that you are sexy, Boudoir is a great option for you.

If you are growing a beautiful baby inside you and want to capture these moments where you are loving on your baby bump, check out maternity photography.

Maybe you want to spend some special time with your children embracing your motherhood and all that means to you, Motherhood Photography is perfect.

If you love or admire fashion and have always thought a magazine fashion shoot sounds fantastic well then why not give fashion photography also known as Fashion Flair or Glamour Photography a try.

If you want to just capture you, how you are everyday in your own unique beauty than perhaps Portrait Photography is a great option.

Maybe you want to do something more artistic and fanciful well than maybe Fantasy Photography is the right fit for you.

Though it may seem that these genres are all vastly different from each other they all have one thing in common. They can all be classified as EMPOWERMENT PHOTOGRAPHY.

Anything that makes you feel inspired, confident and courageous is a form of empowerment. To say "I want to be photographed nude or in lingerie and embrace the body I'm in" or "I'm not really into the idea of baring it all but I want to embrace my beauty with beautiful clothes and setups" or maybe "I've always loved fairies and I would love to be photographed as one!" is a way of empowering yourself to accept the person you are.

I love this genre because it's all about helping others to be free and love who they are on the inside and out! So let's drop this idea that photography is only for family portraits and embrace our unique selves and start planning a photoshoot just for you. To say "THIS IS ME AND I LOVE WHO I AM!"

Let's have some fun while reenforcing the fact that you are beautiful and unique and that you should embrace and celebrate that!

Trust me it's not something you're going to regret. Take the time to reconnect with you, get inspired, get pampered, have fun and make some beautiful pieces of art that you can cherish forever.

Hope I have convinced you to love the idea of empowerment photography and help shine the light on what it means.